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Friday, August 22, 2014

Action Alert: Online Petition to Prevent Hamas from Rearming!

Advocating for A Ceasefire that Prevents Hamas from Rearming


Here is an online petition you can sign and pass along to others to show your support for having the U.S. craft a long term ceasefire that would prevent another major conflict sparked by Hamas in the near future!


Here is the location online of the petition:




 The content of the petition is based on "Toward an Enduring Ceasefire: Preventing the Rocket Rearmament of Gaza Terrorist Groups," a study prepared by the Washington Institute for Near East Studies.



Here is the text of the petition:


A Ceasefire that Prevents Hamas from Rearming


WE urge the U.S. Administration to work with allies to promote a long term ceasefire in which Gaza terrorist groups are prevented from rearming and rebuilding their military capabilities.  These requirements would serve as a first step toward the disarmament and eventual demilitarization of Gaza, conditions necessary to protect the work of reconstruction in Gaza and to prevent a recurrence of hostilities sparked by Hamas and other militant factions in the region.


Thank you in advance for your endorsement!







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