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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Writings of a Hamas theologian exemplify classical Islamic anti-Semitism

In an upcoming discussion about explicit Islamic anti-Semitism we will make reference to the following text by Salah al-Khalidi whose work was published in 1991 by the Hamas publishing house. In heaping approbation upon modern-day Jews, the extremist Al-Khalidi draws upon Qur'anic verses that are interpreted to characterize Jews as eternally evil and deserving of eternal humiliation and punishment.

In addition to illustrating the basis of much and arguably most of modern Islamic anti-Semitism, Al-Khalidi's theology demonstrates that the clash between Hamas (along with other religious-based elements in the Middle East) and Israel is religious. This theory of the conflict goes against those who would rather the conflict be seen as simply about borders or conflicting nationalisms. The implications of Hamas being unable to accept permanent peace with a Jewish state -- ever, regardless of boundaries -- has tremendous implications as to the prospects of making peace. //Mark Finkelstein

From "Koranic Facts Regarding the Palestinian Issue” by Salah al-Khalidi. [*Excerpt abstracted from an article by Andrew Bostom to whom appreciation is expressed.]

al-Khalidi: Humiliation is attached to the Jews for their entire lifetime: they were humiliated in Egypt, and when they arrived in [sic] Palestine, and when they were exiled from Palestine, and when they dispersed into the valleys of the earth. What concerns us here—in our discussion of the Jewish character—is to indicate that this humiliation is to be considered as an inveterate Jewish character trait, and a destructive Jewish perversion. Humiliation is one of their historical attributes, a fixed fact of their existence, and a qaa`ida, basis of their life… (Koran 2:61) The Jews are humiliated because they disbelieved in God, killed His prophets, disobeyed His emissaries, transgressed His prohibitions—all of this is humiliation. They are humiliated—and this is why they search out lustful indulgences, and have become their slaves. All of this is humiliation.

It is impossible that the Jews could not be cursed. How could they not be accursed when they are attributed with such degenerate inveterate character traits, twenty of which we have demonstrated above. (Note: Khalidi earlier states, ‘We have extracted from Koran twenty Jewish traits. The Jews are: liars, perverters (of the Text), envious, tricky, fickle, mercurial, sardonic, treacherous, in error, causing others to be in error, merchants, fools, humiliated, dastards, misers, avid for (this) life, disloyal to their firm contracts, rush into sinful aggression, concealers of true evidence, corrupters in the earth, and obstructors in God’s path.’ [For specific Koranic citations confirming his litany see here]. They are worthy of eternal curse because of the villainous traits they display and the corrupt evils they have perpetrated.

The Jews are in a condition of mal`ana, i.e. everyone pours out curses on them; God has cursed them, the angels have cursed them, their prophets have cursed them, the good people among them have cursed them, and everyone has cursed them. They are deserving of this eternal and continual damnation until the day of resurrection when they will encounter God’s wrath, fury, and punishment. They were accordingly exiled from God’s mercy, and kept afar from His goodness.

Many Koranic verses were revealed emphasizing…the judgement upon them of cursed damnation, and exile from His mercy, e.g. Koran 5:13: “For breaking their covenant, We curse them, and have made their hearts hard.” And Koran 5:60…And Koran 5:64…And Koran 5:78…

*Extracts from Salah al-Khalidi's work (translated from the original Arabic by Dr. Michael Schub in Andrew Bostom's The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism) are provided from Khalidi’s major work Haqa’iq Koraniyya al Qadiyya al-Filastinniya [“Koranic Facts Regarding the Palestinian Issue”] which was first published in 1991 by the Hamas Publishing House Manshūrāt Filastin al-Muslima, and translated into Urdu, Hindi, Turkish, Russian, and English.