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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In Des Moines. *Please* Come Sunday/ Monday: Help Stop Genocide in Sudan!

[ A full listing of public programs for Sunday Aug. 26 and Monday 27  is included below.]


Friends,  please forward this information to all your friends.

Come learn this Sunday and/or  Monday about something most Americans know very little about: the genocide facing the people of Sudan and how the U.S. Administration can do much, much more to help – but is not.*   

“ Nothing moved me more than watching a 6-year-old girl, Israh Jibrael, tenderly feed her starving 2-year-old sister, Nada, leaves from a branch. Israh looked hungrily at the leaves herself, and occasionally she took a few. But, mostly, she put them into her weak sister’s mouth. Both children were barefoot, clad in rags, and had hair that was turning brown from malnutrition.   Their mother, Amal Kua, told me that the family hasn’t had regular food since the Sudanese Army attacked their town five months ago. Since then, she said, the family has lived in caves and subsisted on leaves.”  --*NY Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof   (

We have a unique opportunity in Des Moines to help save the Sudanese people of the Nuba Mountains, along with others in the region, from certain death.  Please join our local Help Nuba Coalition, along with Sudanese leaders from around the country, and notable activists in programs open and free to the public on Sunday, August 26 and Monday, August 27. 



If nothing else, please come on Sunday,  1 pm – 3pm to the State Historical Society Building, 600 E. Locust for a major program including Hawa Salih, 2012 International Women of Courage Award Winner – then please participate in a March to End Genocide at  3:30 pm.  The March is organized by the Iowa United Nations Association.


   Hawa Salih




 Here is a complete schedule for programs open to the public this Sunday ( August 26, 2012)  as well as for Monday, August 27.   For additional information, please contact