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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dire reports, impending genocide in Nuba, Sudan.

JCRC Action Alert.    Please help save people in Sudan from genocide. The time to speak out is now!  The situation is getting worse.


  In sum:  Refugees from Sudan have come to us pleading for help in saving the residents of Nuba Mountains from almost certain genocide at the hands of the Sudanese government.  Just this morning, we received a report from Ryan Boyette, one of the only witnesses on the ground in the Nuba Mountains


The report is clear and succinct.


Ryan reporting for June 6, 2012 at 8:20am
17 bombs were dropped in villages in Buram County in Southern Kordofan Sudan. The government of Sudan is trying to stop the already starving people of Nuba from planting.

This is planting season in Nuba and the people have about 1.5 months to plant. If the people don't plant in that time then it will be too late. The government of Sudan knows this and has increased their bombing campaign in Buram County over the past week.

We also call your attention to Nicholas Kristof’s June 6th column in the NY Times about what he observed in the Nuba Mountains.   Please read the excerpt below:


“World leaders …. have said little and done almost nothing as President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has — for a year now — undertaken daily bombings in the Nuba Mountains and the neighboring Blue Nile region, blocked food from entering, expelled aid groups and tried to bar witnesses. I entered illegally on a dirt track from South Sudan, and, as noted in my last column, I found that hundreds of thousands of people in the Nuba Mountains have run out of food and are surviving on leaves, wild roots and insects.”


“I’d like to explain to [the people of  Nuba]  why the world lets this happen without even speaking out strongly, and I just don’t know what to say.”



JCRC calls upon you to contact your Congressman and Senators.   (They need evidence that people are concerned.)


 Ask them to act immediately in any way possible to save the people of Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile from genocide. 





Contact numbers:  or access



Senator Grassley (515) 288-1145

Senator Harkin  (515) 284-4574


Cong. Boswell  (515) 282-1909

Cong. Latham  (515) 232-2885

Cong. Loebsack  (319) 364-2288

Cong. Braley  (319) 287-3233

Cong. King  (712) 277-2114


Thank you.   For JCRC,   Mark Finkelstein


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