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Saturday, December 31, 2011

JCRC: Where and when to caucus on January 3


  1. Find out where your preferred party will hold its caucus for folks in your precinct.


  1. On Tuesday, January 3, registration begins at 6:30 pm.   The caucus begins at 7 pm.



  1. To identify the location of your caucus, one place to go, on the web, is to:


The information will be found under the tab named “About the Caucuses.”   Follow the link for the party of your choice.


( You may have to identify your precinct number, ( in order to find your local caucus location for the party of your choice.)  If so, a link will direct you to the website of the Iowa Secretary of State:   Look for a link called “Finding Polling Places.” 


-- From JCRC of the Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines