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Sunday, July 4, 2010

EJCPres.: Antisemitism in Europe at highest level since end of WW II

Jewish group's president says European Jewry 'at its worst' since the end of World War Two

'Hate has engulfed all of Europe'

The 15 MEP’s from across Europe and representing many different political parties were also told about the worsening state of European Jewry.
“I believe that the situation of European Jewry is at its worst since the end of World War Two, Kantor said. “Jews are afraid to walk the streets in Europe with Jewish signs; Synagogues, Jewish schools and kindergartens require barbed-wire fences and security and Jewish men, women and children are beaten up in broad daylight.”

“Most worryingly, Jews are being forced out of many European cities, like Malmo, because of the atmosphere of hostility and violence,” he added.

Kantor also warned that while the Jews are sometimes the first target of hate and intolerance in Europe, they rarely remain the last. “Jews have always served as a bellwether or the ‘canary in the mineshaft’ for worrying times in Europe,” Kantor said. “When Jews have been threatened or attacked in Europe, the violence, hate and incitement has engulfed all of Europe.”,7340,L-3913250,00.html