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Monday, May 31, 2010

: Activists on one ship were prepared to lynch the soldiers trying to board

Subject: Activists on one ship were prepared to lynch the soldiers trying to board

Navy Prepared to  Face Anarchists, Met Terrorists Instead
Army Radio  reporter Gal Lev-Rom, on board one of the Israeli Navy ships
that stopped the  anti-Israel flotilla, reported on the "peace activists"
preparations to lynch  Israeli soldiers and on the large weapon stocks they

Lev-Rom  said that at one point around midnight, "our ships started calling
upon them to  stop, or else the full responsibility would be upon them." It
was similarly  publicized in news sources around that time that Israel said
it would give the  boats time to adhere to the instructions before its
forces would begin to board  them.

"There was no answer other than curses in English and Arabic,"  Lev-Rom
said. Around  4 AM, the commandos started boarding the boats,  rappelling onto
them by ropes and armed only with pistols. At that point,  Lev-Rom said, "
the demonstrators on board attacked the Israelis with light  weaponry,
including knives and clubs, in true lynch-like fashion. The commandos  are
certainly well-trained, but it's quite hard to fight back when it's 6-10  people
against one. They started beating our soldiers with bats and sharp  objects
and the like, and even some pistols were taken and fired at our  soldiers