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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Theologian's "Jihad and Genocide" previewed by Christian media analyst's Christian Media Analyst, Dexter Van Zile, sat down to record some informal video notes for an upcoming review of noted Holocaust theologian Richard L. Rubenstein's book, "Jihad and Genocide".


Informal comment by Dexter Van Zile:

I think the issue of the dhimma is of central importance to the current conflict. The dhimma is the treaty of protection offered to non-Muslims in Muslim ruled countries. In return for accepting their subject status, non-Muslims are allowed to maintain their religious identity. The underlying assumption is that Islam is supposed to be the dominant force in any society where it exists.

The notion of Jewish sovereignty, especially on land previously governed by Muslim rulers, is anathema to this understanding. It is an inversion of the way things are supposed to be.

The forces that contribute to the terrible treatment of religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East are the same forces that contribute to violence against non-Muslims outside the region by Islamists. 

Note:  We are referring here only to Radical or Revolutionary Islamism.  The average Muslim, even those who practice conservative traditional Islam, is not a Radical Islamist. As Prof. Barry Rubin puts it: "We should understand  [that]  Islamism is not [ and hasn't been] the only possible interpretation of Islam."