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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CAMERA: C-Span's call-in show accepting of vilification of Jews and Israel

“I'd like to make a call about the Census. It's a waste of time taking a census when what you've got is this AIPAC lobby that reflects a small percentage of the population, the Jewish line of voters, who are pushing us into these wars for Israel.”

C-SPAN's Washington Journal Caller Problem

C-SPAN hosts are typically overly respectful and too patient as a handful of frequent callers spew invective and falsehoods against Jews and Israel. No other ethnic or religious group or nation is repeatedly vilified on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal 3-hour daily broadcasts. This vilification is enabled if not positively encouraged by C-SPAN‘s receptivity especially the feckless performance of the hosts. Many C-SPAN viewers, perhaps not knowing the facts and not hearing them from network hosts or, often, from guests, are at risk of being influenced by those callers seemingly driven by an obsessive pathological desire to falsely blame major world problems on the Jews and Israel.