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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Netanyahu: "I'm ready to make peace. Are the Palestinians?"

On commencing peace talks: Israel is ready.

[T]he Palestinian [leaders] are piling demand upon demand [they want met, just to start negotiations.] Let’s get on with peace negotiations.  The only way we can finish the peace negotiations with a peace treaty is to begin them.  We’re ready to begin.  I’m ready to begin them.  I’m prepared for peace.  Are the Palestinians ready for peace?  That’s my question to you.

On negotiating with Hamas: 

  The principle that is always raised is that you make peace with your enemy.  That is absolutely true – you make peace with an enemy who wants to stop being an enemy and move to peace..... You cannot negotiate peace with an enemy who wants to destroy you [such as]  Hamas and its parent regime, the Iranian tyranny, [who] openly say that their goal is to destroy us.

From an Address and Interview with PM Netanyahu with the Foreign Press Association  1/20/2010