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Thursday, October 8, 2009

New York Times Magazine Whitewashes Palestinian Kids' TV

By Eric Rozenman, for October 7, 2009 Selected excerpts.

"Can the Muppets Make Friends in On the West Bank?" avoids the real story — 16 years of anti-Israel incitement, based largely on distortion and outright falsehood, aimed at Palestinian Arab children by both the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority broadcasting and the Hamas-run Al-Quds channel. ...

Hamas TV preaches the need for Palestinian children to eliminate the filthy Jews.... PA TV children's shows routinely teach that Haifa, Tiberias, Jaffa and other Israeli cities are part of "Palestine" and that "resistance" (terrorism) is laudable.

Palestinian Media Watch ( has chronicled the coverage.

[In her article, the author offers] no explanation of the intifada, no intimation of Palestinian responsibility....

[The author] skates over a 1990s effort to produce a joint Israeli-Palestinian version of Israeli Television's ... spin-off of American public broadcasting's "Sesame Street." She notes that "the official Palestinian TV station was unwilling to show 'Shara'a Simsim' because it was produced jointly with 'Rechov Sumsum,' the Israeli version of 'Sesame Street.'"