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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anonymous, faceless and unverifiable -- hearsay -- accusations are being made against the Israel Defense Forces's [IDF] role during Israel's Gaza operation. In response, the IDF asserts that all allegations are investigated and offenders are punished.
Many IDF soldiers feel a deep sense of injustice at how some are misrepresenting them and the IDF. Hear soldiers tell their stories, on the grassroots website below.

Here's one testimony:

Pinchas, age 29, is a Politcal Science student. He served in an elite IDF infantry unit and today performs almost 70 days of reserve service each year. During the operation against Hamas in Gaza, his unit was called to duty for additional service. Pinchas speaks about finding rocket launchers in a Palestinian ambulance and escorting a terrorist bomb-maker who then helped the soldiers discover explosives which were hidden under civilian facilities such as schools and clinics.