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Sunday, October 12, 2008

News from eyewitness in Akko.

Dear friends
I just came home from Akko municipality. I wanted to give something to the education department and there were around 10 screaming Arabic women outside- The Islamic movement expected the TV to come to this place and they want everyone to hear the Arabs.

When they saw me ,they start beating me and as I saw the TV camera I was passive and did not move. Then I told those women that we had better have coexistence in our city but this made the Arab lady more crazy and she and the other women said terrible things about the Jews.

The TV camera took shots of the scene and then the Arab woman pulled my hair, another one threw stone at me and screamed that she does not want coexistence, she wants to kill all the Jews. I looked at the camera and asked her to say it again to the TV.I do hope that the TV will show it around the world.