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Friday, April 25, 2008

Palestinian headline [from Ma'an] Brigades claim killing of two Israeli guards in Tulkarem industrial zone Date: 25 / 04 / 2008

Translation: 5 Palestinian terroirst groups claim killing two Israeli guards in Israeli city near the West Bank

Ma'an report -[Palestinian source] Five Palestinian resistance factions have claimed responsibility for shooting dead two Israeli security guards in the Tulkarem industrial zone on Friday. Fatah's Al-Aqsa Brigades say they carried out the attack in co-ordination with the relatively unknown Al-Awda wa Nidal Brigades and the Ahrar Al-Muthalith Brigades, who are based inside Israel.

A spokesperson telephoned Ma'an and said that three of their members targeted Israeli the security guards, using only one gun. They then escaped."The operation was two weeks in the planning and so the brigades rejected the ceasefire talks with Israel by Hamas and other factions," the spokesperson said.

The military wing of Islamic Jihad, the Al-Quds brigades and the Al-Qassam Brigades the military wing of Hamas, also claimed responsibility for the operation in Tulkarem. They sent a joint statement to Ma'an giving details of the operation -

"At 5.15 am at dawn on Friday one of the resistance fighters was able to reach get into the location disguised as a woman. He went from near Tulkarem to the region of Nitzanei Shalom, which is the industrial zone located between the territory of Tulkarem and the lands of 1948. He then changed into a worker's uniform and went to the area at 7.17 am at the same time as Palestinian workers enter the factories. The Palestinian youth that shot the guards was slightly injured but managed to escape safely." The two Israeli guards were shot dead in the Nitzanei Shalom industrial zone near the West Bank city of Tulkarem on Friday morning.
(h/t:, who comments "Coming soon: palestinian complaining about checkpoints and their inability to work inside Israel."

The above source quotes the Jerusalem Post description of Nitzanei Shalom, the Israeli city:

The Nitzane Shalom complex was built in 1995. It houses nine factories that provide jobs to many Palestinians from the West Bank.