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Friday, April 18, 2008

Conspirator with Palestinian terrorist organization, Sami al-Arian, on hunger strike, held in U.S. on third contempt charge. His advocates consider him a political prisoner.

The NY Times has an article on this. In brief, as explained by anti-terrorist investigator Steven Emerson, al-Arian plead guilty to raising funds for Palestine Islamic Jihad and served his sentence after which he was to be deported. However, the Justice Department has subpoenaed him, for a third time, requiring him to testify in the on-going terrorism investigation. He has refused to testify, for the third time, is being held in contempt, and is on a hunger strike. Al-Arian's supporters want the government to abide by the plea agreement and just deport him.

Read Emerson's take on this, including his criticism of the NYTimes coverage.
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There is no substantive report, yet, as to the meeting Jimmy Carter held today with Hamas in Syria.