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Friday, April 11, 2008

CAMERA: What "disputed territory" means

"Despite being willing to compromise, and certainly until a compromise is reached, Israel still feels it has a valid claim to the West Bank. Only when both sides reach an agreement, and the agreement is carried out, will a (currently undetermined) portion of the West Bank become officially "Palestinian."
The idea that previous peace proposals justify labeling the West Bank "Palestinian" is flawed..."
Why don't others 'get it?' Aspects of self-interest, says Elder of Zion

"Today, much of the lukewarm reaction by Europe towards Iranian genocidal speech (”only against Zionists, not Jews”), obvious nuclear ambitions (”for peaceful nuclear power”) and long-range ballistic missile development (”for an Iranian space program”) is powered by the same desire to overlook clear lies for short-term self-interest. [Fear of becoming a target for terrorists and potential loss of economic trade.]

Would you let your kids play in traffic?