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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sabeel Justifies Hamas Rockets

From: Solomonia

Sabeel Justifies Hamas Rockets

The Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center (one of the primary voices of anti-Israel divestment world-wide and a "partner" of multiple Protestant denominations in the West) has given Jewish Voice for Peace a run for its money in fake condemnations of violence: A Human Tragedy Called Gaza. Discussing rockets from the Gaza Strip......

"Palestinians resisting the occupation interpret the message of the rockets as a distress signal of a hurting and wounded community. It is a cry of desperation for help sent to the community of nations to come to their rescue, to lift the Israeli siege, to end their occupation, and to give them freedom. It must be remembered that according to international law, Gaza is still under occupation even after Israel's redeployment...

...It has been 60 years and the cries of the Palestinians have been falling on the deaf ears of the world leaders. Consequently, some Palestinian groups have resorted to violence but their message of need and despair has not been heard. The humanity of the Palestinians has been suppressed and censored. They have been perceived as "terrorists" when in fact they are seeking justice and freedom...

...Those rockets have been a blow to the arrogance and hubris of the Israeli government..."

comments by Solomonia:
If Palestinian Arabs want borders that no longer interest Israelis, they could start by stopping the terror attacks and showing they have a society more interested in governing themselves than destroying their neighbors. If they want to "send messages", try email. If American Protestants were interested in encouraging nation-building and peaceful concourse, they would be well advised to distance themselves from groups like Sabeel.

[For information about Sabeel, see --Mark]