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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The new AP boilerplate: More anti-Israel bias
Posted on March 20th, 2008 by Meryl Yourish.

Have you seen the new AP boilerplate lately? It’s in a ton of articles about Gaza or Hamas. It goes like this:

Israel has been battling Hamas since the Islamic group violently seized control of Gaza last June. In addition to its military activity, Israel has imposed a tough economic blockade on the strip.
This paragraph, in two sentences, displays the entirety of the AP (and world media) bias against Israel. First, it blames Israel by saying that the Jewish state is “battling” Hamas. Israel, in fact, is responding to thousands of terrorist attacks in the forms of rockets and mortars fired, shootings, stabbing attacks, bombs planted, snipers firing on farmers, soldiers, and reporters—all of these since Hamas took over Gaza.

As for that, the phrase “violently seized control” blithely overlooks the vicious murders that Hamas committed on its enemy, the Fatah members and their families. It overlooks the fact that Hamas still maintains “order” by using violent methods, including shooting at protesting Gazans.
And last, the language about “imposing” a “tough economic blockade” is given without context. The blockade was imposed after Hamas failed to stop the near-daily rocket fire into southern Israel.

Funny, after all those articles by all those analysts, and all those words by all those Palestinian spokesliars, all insisting that Hamas has absolutely no control over the terrorists firing rockets into Israel (just as Arafat used to lie that he could not stop Hamas or other groups from carrying out attacks), now, when Egypt is trying to get a “truce” in place, the rocket fire has nearly completely stopped.

Isn’t that amazing? It just stopped all by itself. Hamas has no control over it. But now that Hamas really wants the IDF to stop pounding it, the rockets have mostly stopped.
Will the media acknowledge this, ever? Of course not.


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