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Monday, March 3, 2008

March 11 program to include update on rocket attacks

The March 11th program, 7:30 pm at the Temple, at which the Israeli documentary, "To Die in Jerusalem" will be shown, will be augmented by an update about the rocket attacks on Israel conducted from Hamas-controlled Gaza. Details about the program are listed on the sidebar. Please attend.

Today's news. As of about noon, CST ( 8 pm in Israel). About 14 Qassams were launched against Israeli populations today and three GRAD ( Katyusha) missiles -- made in Iran -- were fired into Ashkelon. One of the GRADS hit a seven storey building, with rescue personnel reporting a dozen people suffering from shock "and sowing wide panic in the city of 120,000."

Meanwhile, it was reported as early as last night that the Israeli government ordered the Israel Defense Forces to curtail counterterrorism activities today, most likely in political consideration, it is speculated, of the impending visit of US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. As a result, it is reported that Hamas seized what has been termed a pullout from the north enclave in Gaza as an opportunity to declare "victory" in the five day old battle. Hamas leaders apparently came out of hiding to participate in a victory procession today in Gaza. Israeli PM Olmert reaffirmed that the IDF will continue in its actions to stop the Hamas rockets from falling.

Today's events overtook discussions within Israel's cabinet whether or not to strike at Palestinian rocket launchers located further inside Gaza than IDF forces were assigned to confront.

--summary based on news sources.