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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daily news

New upsurge of Palestinian attacks from Gaza - 16 missiles fired Wednesday injuring 3 Israeli civilians March 26, 2008,

A heavy barrage of 7 Qassam missiles struck Sderot Wednesday night, March 26. One exploded in the old market, injuring three people and leaving 16 in shock. Of the 16 fired during the day, after a three-week slowdwon, one landed south of Ashkelon, several exploded in kibbutzim causing heavy damage to property. Israeli military sources tell DEBKAfile that Hamas is passing missiles to Jihad Islami in order to step up the attacks on Israel, without being held accountable and drawing Israeli fire – to heat up tensions for the arrival of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this weekend.

Some questions answered.
· Olmert: Israel Will Continue to Build in Existing Settlements

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Wednesday that Israel would comply with all its commitments under the Roadmap peace plan ''if the Palestinians do the same.'' He also said Israel would continue building in settlement blocs it intends to keep in a peace deal, as well as in Jerusalem. Olmert ruled out talks with Hamas, saying, ''We will deal with Hamas in other ways.'' Olmert indicated that he does not favor a Russian proposal to hold a follow-up summit in Moscow to last year's Annapolis meeting. ''This habit of going from one conference to the other is not something I'm particularly in favor of,'' he said. (AP/Ynet News),7340,L-3524062,00.html